Taken From The Deep Ocean. 100% Clean & Toxin Free

Finally you can take the sea home with thee!

Get your bottle of sea water and use it as salt or for bathing!

You never have to buy bleached toxic table salt again! YUK! Turn ever dish into gourmet. Did you know that ocean water contains 90 minerals? Did you know that concentrated pure ocean water used as a salt doesn't have all those adverse effects that regular table salt does? The ocean is the rudimentary life source of all nutrients on earth, including that on land. Real ocean water tastes better than organic salt & Celtic sea salt granules because it's the real ocean! Not only does it have more minerals, it can be used topically on your body too.

Ocean Grown Foods

Interested but still confused on what you'd use ocean water for?
Here is a short list:

  • Table Salt (Sorry To The World's Top Chefs For Revealing Your Most Coveted Secret)
  • Foot Soak
  • Body Wash
  • Facial Spray
  • Bath Additive
  • Crop Enhancer
  • Plant Fertilizer
  • Pet Water Nutrient
  • Topical Skin Soother
  • And Much, Much More...

Don't worry you can download a guide on how and where to use your ocean water that comes right from the depths of the Atlantic Ocean! However 2/3's of the water is removed; so it is 3 TIMES stronger than ocean water!

The Power Of The Sea... Times Three!
Ocean Water Can Heal You In And Out!

Order Your Ocean Water in a Bottle
Liquid Sea Salt - The purest, cleanest, 100% toxic free table salt that taste better than any salt you use on your food, 100% guaranteed. Our ocean water is taken from the cleanest depths of the ocean. This is the world's top chef's best kept secrets. Test for yourself, put this salt on your salad or salmon, then use (and be ready to throw out) your regular salt! This is the most "ORGANIC" sea salt available in the world!

8 fluid oz.


Sea Water in a Bottle - 3x concentrate 1 litre bottle to splay or spray on your body after showering for that refreshing feeling. Also works great as a plant nutrient (see usage instructions). You can place a couple of drops in your pet's water (see usage instructions) to help strengthen them. You can use it to refill you table salt.

1 Litre


Sea Water in a Jug - 3x concentrate pure ocean water. Add to bath water or how tub to feel the ocean water on your skin. You can dilute it with pure water (distilled and/or reverse osmosis) and use it as a plant food or a crop fertilizer. You can use it to refill you table salt. Ocean Grown Plant Nutrient: OceanGrown, Ocean Solution, organic, plant growth, greenhouse, hydroponics, nutrients, soil, fertilizer, orchards, pastures, plant yields, harvest, crops, aerobic bacteria

1 Gallon


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